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  • Todo los platos seran acompañados con arroz blanco, frijoles negros, maduros o tostones
    All platters served with white rice, black beans, maduros(sweet plantains) or tostones

    Lechon Asado

    Ropa Vieja

    Bistec De Palomilla

    Bistec De Pollo

  • Sandwiches



    Pan Con Lechon

    Pan Con Bistec

    Pan Con Pollo

  • Sides


    Croquetas De Jamon

    Papa Rellena


    Arroz Blanco

  • Desserts

    Flan De Coco


  • Beverages

    Water, Jupina, Materva, Ironbeer, Malta, Coco Rico...

About Us

Growing up in a Cuban household, its all about the food and music. Both my mother and father were very passionate about the food they made and put plenty of love into it. I knew once I got married, I wanted to do the same for my family.

Daisy’s Taste of Cuba began as a way to share the love of my mother’s recipes that I and my family have enjoyed our entire lives. Real Cuban recipes made in the traditional homemade fashion; all the fresh ingredients, all the delicious flavors and all the love.

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Daisy Cuellar

"With determination, hope, and passion you can achieve anything"

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